Monday, March 30, 2009


Wow. I figured the gonal-f would have some effect on the length of my cycle, but I didn't expect to be on the brink of triggering already. Heck, it's only CD7, and I normally ovulate on CD16. BW this morning indicated elevated levels of estradiol, as expected. So my fsh dose tonight is down from 187.5 to 75IU, and I'm scheduled for another blood draw and an u/s tomorrow morning. One of the nurses will discuss the u/s with me tomorrow while I'm at the doctor's office. I'm looking forward to understanding a little about what we're seeing in the u/s images. Apparently, triggering is imminent, but without images of the hormone-induced follies, they can't say if it'll be tomorrow or in a few more days.

I admit I'm a little worried about the hcg shot. Intramuscular. I'm not sure I can do it myself. C seems more than willing to assist, motivated perhaps by the fact that he's kind of an outsider to so much of this process. This is his chance to participate and contribute in an active way.

No significant side effects. I've had a mild headache since last night which occasionally explodes across my forehead for about 2 seconds then disappears. It's nothing, really. I feel a little bloated and tender around the middle, too. Maybe my ovaries are full of beautiful nearly-mature follicles. But not too many of them. I'd hate to be cancelled for having too many.

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Melissa said...

I took Ovidrel for a trigger shot and was told to give it to myself in the stomach much like I'll do with injectables. It didn't hurt at all and the needle was small.

Lots of luck to you this cycle!!