Monday, March 9, 2009

Did Saturday actually happen?

Yesterday, C and I headed back to the RE's office for the second IUI of the cycle. The same staff were on as the day before. The nurse acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had occured on Saturday. No apology. No recognition that the experience had been at all traumatic. No acknowledgement that any of this is a VERY.BIG.DEAL. How can she be so oblivious?

Oh, and just another tidbit of disparate information- this nurse told me to keep my heart rate under 140 during the TWW. Last month's IUI nurse said no such thing, and nurse TMI thinks I should keep it under 130 at all times. And the doc just said I should not exercise to an extreme. Geez, why would a patient be confused or distrusting in an office like that?

I got the instructions for the next cycle, just in case this one doesn't succeed. Follistim will start on CD3, and a baseline u/s on CD 2 or 3 (I'm sure that won't be at all embarassing or messy). Another u/s on CD6 will determine if I need to change the dosage, then we watch for maturing follies to figure out the best time for the hcg shot. If we end up on follistim, I'll finally stop temping every morning. I've collected a full year of BBT readings; 365 days of consistently predictable highs and lows. It's nice to see how consistent my body is... like it increases our chances.

No soccer last night or next week. By the week after that, I'll know. I can have a beta on the 23rd if I don't see AF (or definitive signals of her imminent arrival) by then. Hello TWW.


Nic said...

We are on our 2ww together again but I am a few days ahead! We need a distraction to get us through it! Fingers crossed for this cycle!!

That girl said...

Good luck! I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you.