Tuesday, November 17, 2009

starting to get excited

The mobile arrived yesterday, and it's gorgeous! C wanted to hang it immediately, but I want to wait until we've put all the baby furniture in the room so we can place it just so. I'd like to put it above the glider (which we don't have yet) so Ishkabibble can see it while we nurse. That might mean it's above the changing table too, depending on how we arrange things.

I decided not to buy the pricey night stand to go with the crib we chose. Instead, I went to the local unfinished furniture store and found a mission style end table (night stand, end table... what's the diff?) that would work perfectly. They were having a sale on finishing services, so they're painting it black for me. We'll have our first new-bought piece of baby furniture in less than a week! It'll join the pack-n-play and portable crib that friends gave us when they cleaned out their attic in August.

A very dear family friend has offered us the use of her bassinette. It's seen at least 4 generations of babies, and the name of each one who slept in it is inscribed on the base. It's not just the fact that she wants us to use it, but that she'd like Ishkabibble's name immortalized on it with her own family members that really touches me.

I've felt movement nearly every day for the last week now. "Flutters" does describe it well. When I feel Ishkabibby moving, I imagine little arms waving or legs dancing and can't help but wonder what the baby is responding to. Was it something I ate? A song on the radio? My voice? I'm looking forward to learning what makes this little one smile and giggle and dance.

We're touring the birthing center on Saturday. My next appointment with the MW is Thursday. I still hardly believe this is real, and that in just 18 more weeks (give or take) C and I will meet this little person we made (with a lot of help). Can't wait!!


Lisa said...

I'm glad to hear things are progressing smoothly, and you're enjoying setting up the nursery. You'll have to post a picture when you have it complete.

IrishNYC said...

I can't wait to "meet" Ishka, either!