Friday, November 13, 2009

10 random things

Inspired by Eileen, and knowing that I'd love to know more about each of you, here are 10 random things that you wouldn't know about me from reading my blog.

1. I used to have a southern drawl, having lived in Georgia from ages 3-10. I failed a few spelling quizzes when we moved in MA in 5th grade because I couldn't understand my teacher's Boston accent. I still have trouble understanding my husband sometimes, but I think he makes his accent worse by mumbling and using a lot of regional colloquialisms that I never heard before. I lost my drawl, and have been accused of sounding either midwestern or Canadian. But, put me in a Waffle House for ten minutes, and it all comes back.

2. I always dreamed I would get married some day, have a daughter, and name her Emma. Then I met C and realized that he can't have an "Emma" because the resulting first-last name combo would sound too much like "hemorrhoids." I married him anyhow. That's love.

3. I am a thorough soccer nut. I had the choice when I was 7 to play either soccer or flag football, and I'm incredibly happy that I chose soccer. I organized several friends to try out for our high school boys' team as a sophomore and was instrumental in finally getting the school to field a varsity girls' team in my senior year. One of the most moving moments in my life was when I attended a Women's World Cup match at Soldiers Field with 70,000 enthusiastic fans who PAID MONEY to watch women play soccer. I used to idolize players like Pele and Franz Beckenbauer, and I love the fact that my daughter, if I have one, will have female athletes to admire. I still play soccer, and referee, and hope to coach my own children some day.

4. I still exchange Christmas cards with my 4th grade teacher. She gave me her address when my family moved to MA, and we've sent cards back and forth ever since.

5. The Cave Metaphor from Plato's Republic rocked my world in 1985. That's why I earned an undergraduate degree in philosophy. My husband believes I overthink things.

6. Bruce Cockburn is a songwriting and guitar god.

7. I had knee surgery when I was 23, and have a 5-inch scar up the front of my knee as a result. For the first year or two, it looked like I'd knelt on a pink rubber centipede (like a fishing lure) and it stuck. I decided to befriend my scar, so I named it "Herman."

8. Some day, I would like to learn to play the French horn. The transition from the 3rd to the 4th movements of Beethoven's 5th Symphony features horns and is the most joyful, exhilarating music I've ever heard. I want to play it.

9. I got a perfect score two years in a row at auditions for the New England Music Festival chorus, auditioning in a trio with two friends of mine who were (and still are) incredible sopranos.

10. I cannot tell a lie. My memory is not great, and I would never be able to keep track of the made-up stories. Besides, as a quasi-existentialist, I can't condone lying at all. That, and I'm just plain bad at it.

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mekate said...

OK boston, I am in southern NH, care to meet for tea sometime in real life? we could put out a general meet up note for others who are in the neighborhood- that might be a fun diversion sometime.
and-- I love your ten things. Thank you for sharing!
happy rainy saturday night. I bet we are sharing weather thanks to Ida.