Tuesday, November 3, 2009

19w5d- chugging right along

I have nothing much to report, pregnancy-wise. I may have felt some movement on Sunday, when I took Ishkabibble to her first professional sporting event (a soccer game, of course). There was a crowd of Brazilians sitting two sections away, playing some remarkably loud drums during the entire match. I like to think Ishka was dancing in response to the music. Then again, I'm not completely sure that what I felt was baby-movement. It'll come soon enough. One of the tidbits of info garnered at last week's u/s was that the placenta is between Ishkabibby and my belly-button, so movements may be muffled and less apparent early on.

My belly now extends further from my spine than my chest does, so I think I am starting to look more pregnant than fat. The last couple of weeks have been wonderful- no need for naps, and I only need 8-9 hours of sleep each night. Sometimes, I wake refreshed after only 7 1/2 hours... my normal pre-pregnancy sleep requirement. Aside from my increased girth, I feel like my old self, and occasionally almost forget that I'm pregnant (not really... I mean, after all it took to get here how could I forget?). Ishka must be crowding in on my stomach because it sure doesn't hold what it used to, and I think I've felt the beginnings of heartburn a couple of times. I've never experienced heartburn before, so I'm not exactly sure, but I definitely don't like lying down within an hour or two of a meal. I may have had my first craving last Friday... for KFC. Then again, maybe I just didn't want to cook.

It's hard to believe that in just two days, Ishka will be half-baked. I'm amazed that March feels so close and so distant at the same time. We picked out the furniture and registered at BRU, but we haven't actually ordered anything or completed the registry yet. First, we need to rearrange the guest room (future nursery) so that everything will fit. I chose a theme based on a mobile and some watercolors that I found (they'll customize the mobile colors to coordinate with the watercolors... not "match," per se, but "go")...

We haven't decided if the walls need to be painted. For now, they're a soothing pale green below a white chair rail, with baby blue above. It was a little boy's room before we bought the house, but I like the colors even for a girl. I've never been a big fan of pink. I'm thinking of looking for a lamp kit and a wooden sail boat toy that I can somehow turn into a nursery lamp. We'll see how that goes.
So, that's it... things are progressing smoothly, just how I'd like them to. The next visit with the MW will be at 22 weeks. My PCP is finally taking names for a contact list for H1N1 vaccines, so maybe I'll get one after all. I'm just a normal pregnant woman now, and our whole IF history is not just inconsequential to the folks taking care of Ishka and me, they know nothing about it. It's kind of wierd... like this pregnancy isn't the tremendously huge deal that I make it out to be. but it IS. Believe me, it is.


IrishNYC said...

That crib is gorgeous! Ours is very similar. The mobile is very cute too. I love the colors and the non-babyness of it.

Before you know it you'll be wondering whether what you felt was a weak contraction!

mekate said...

Happy Halfway! and I am so happy for you- I LOVE the sailboat mobile-- are you willing to share your source?

So glad you are feeling good, that is fantastic. And
sending warm wishes your way,