Wednesday, November 18, 2009

missing all my sistas

Has anyone else been having trouble reaching cyclesista lately? Instead of adding all the blogs I read to my blogroll, I'd been cruising over to cyclesista every day and catching up with everyone from there. But now, when I try to access cyclesista, all I get is the March 2006 "welcome to cyclesista" entry... no blog list. Help! It's been maybe a week since I caught up with everyone, and I miss you all.

I just checked in on BB's blog, where she posted that Cyclesista is undergoing some technical changes and may be unavailable for a little while. I apologize if I'm not as comment-y in the interim... I should have added everyone to my blogroll instead of reaching you through Cyclesista all the time. I'll catch up with everyone soon!

1 comment:

BB said...

I am glad you figured it out and it is not your company who has figured out a way to trick you! :)

Cyclesista should be up pretty soon.