Sunday, May 10, 2009

where's the O?

Today is CD19 and I haven't ovulated yet. I used up my last 5 OPKs in anticipation of seeing either a darker line or a smiley face, but all I got was the complete absence of a second line, and a big fat digital zero. I'm discovering that this break is harder to tolerate when its end becomes uncertain. Will I ovulate at all? If I don't, will the cycle ever end... and when?

So, I have questions that I didn't think to ask the RE last Thursday. Maybe the blog-world has some experience to share? I'm just curious if anyone else experienced either delayed ovulation or an anovulatory cycle after a failed IVF. If delayed, by how long? If anovulatory, how did the length of the cycle compare with a normal one? I'll talk to the RE's nurses if nothing has happened by Friday, CD24. It's not so much the length of this break that concerns me, it's the not knowing when things will or should happen. I'm not sure I'd recognize a real problem if I were having one, so I'll ask for a little guidance.

In happy news, I received the approval letter from my insurance for IVF #2. We're covered for the whole shebang- donor sperm, ER/ET, with assisted hatching (because I am old- that makes me laugh).

Oh yeah... It's Mother's Day, and I haven't cried about not being a mom at all. That's really good.

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That girl said...

It took a while for me to ovulate after my failed IVF cycles. Things do slow down a bit from normal but it always happened in the end, but sometimes not until Day 20 or even later. Just hang in there and it will pop eventually. I totally understand how hard it is not knowing when the next cycle will start. The only thing more frustrating than the in-between-cycles-wait, is the two-week-wait. Thinking of you.