Monday, May 11, 2009

if you ask, O will come

Just like that, my BBT shot up this morning, presumably indicating that I ovulated yesterday. Of course, the temp has to stay up for several days to be semi-conclusive, but I'm conviced I started testing too early. New bit of information in my self-awareness arsenal- the cycle after a failed IVF (converted last-minute from IUI due to "exuberant" response to gonal-F) will include ovulation at approximately CD19. The norm, unmedicated, is CD14. On clomid, CD17. And so far, the luteal phase is consistently 14 days regardless of what drugs have entered my system.

So my new calculations put AF at May 24th, lupron to start June 15, another AF on June 22. The unintentional IVF consisted of ER on CD11 and ET on CD14. I think they want to stretch follicle development a day or two longer this time, so I'll guess ER on CD13 with ET on CD16... that will be July 5 and 8. And an expected due date of 3/29/2010... two days before my 42nd birthday.

I'm not counting on this timeline, but I love thinking about it... perhaps a shared birthday with my first-born. I can't think of a better way to celebrate.

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