Friday, March 19, 2010

still waiting

Bloody show & mucus... because of Wednesday's internal exam or is something happening? There were only three notable contractions during last night's NST, and none so far this morning. Ishkabibble continues to dance and roll in her cramped quarters. I know he's low- I can feel her head pressing against my pubic bone. Yard work and lots of walking are on the agenda for tomorrow. Maybe that will start something. Or maybe the raspberry leaf tea will do the trick.

Come on, little Ishka! We want you to come out all on your own, so please please please get moving soon. Wouldn't you love to be born on the first day of Spring?


Melissa said...

I had my bloody show on a Friday and he was born Sunday morning. Fingers crossed for you!

BB said...

Yay - atleast things are picking up a lil!

I have been *anxiously waiting* for my OBs call today to see if we can reschedule the c-sec for the following week. I guess till now I wanted them to be in there to reach full term etc, but now my anxiety level is picking up! I guess I am going to have to wait till Monday, unless the babies decide to surprise us!

Anonymous said...

C'mon out little one!