Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another day

Today, I am so confident that Ishkabibble will NOT be making an appearance that I sent C (actually, he wanted to go and I did nothing to discourage him) to watch his nephews race dirtbikes for the day, in a town a couple of hours from home. Of course, he has a fully-charged phone on him and he took a separate vehicle so he can dash back if he needs to. But all remains quiet on Ishka-watch, so I'll spend the day cleaning without having to worry about a spouse messing things up in my wake.

1 comment:

mekate said...

so very close!
I hope you can avoid intervention, and having your darlin a few towns over should help with things!

thinking of you almost non-stop and wishing for you the easiest possible delivery-- soon please, textbook perfect...

happy cleaning!
wish I could imagine it myself.
the rug is a testament to shedding season and one cat who makes enough hair for a dozen.