Wednesday, March 10, 2010

almost 38 weeks- stretchy

The stretch mark fairy paid me a visit last night and painted my belly while Ishka and I slept. I went from one little mark below my belly button to the whole underside of my belly being "marked." Oh, well... I am not a belly-baring sort of person, so it really doesn't matter. I find it amusing that I made it to one day shy of 38 weeks before accumulating many marks. This is not a complaint. I'm perfectly happy to have them.

I had my 38w (actually 37w6d) check-up this morning- there was no internal exam involved (hurray!), although I am now purposely avoiding Dr. Male after last week's somewhat bruising encounter. My weight is holding fairly steady at 35.5 pounds over my starting weight (which included about 10 TTC pounds), and my blood pressure is consistently in the one-teens over upper sixties. All is well, but the doc (not my MW) dropped hints that we may need to induce if things don't start on their own by my due date. She said that because of my age and the GD, we won't go much past the 25th. I have no problem with getting Ishka into the world earlier rather than later, but I'm not a fan of induction. Induction --> constant monitoring --> restricted movement while in labor --> trouble dealing with pain --> need for medication --> further unknown complications & interventions = YUCK!

Ishka and I will have a chat while we go for a long walk after dinner tonight. We made it to March, which is what I initially requested, so now we'll negoatiate a birth date. Something before the 25th. Maybe something in the teens. For good measure, we're going out for Mexican food tonight (someone mentioned that spicy food might spark something). Maybe a little romance later, after the walk. I'd love for one of the pleasant wives tales to work. Even castor oil would be preferable to induction.


mekate said...

mexican food, romance, and a bouncy ball maybe?
Hope it works soon and easily so that Ishka can call the shots as he/she should. I'd love it if you could avoid induction-- truly.

thinking of you so often, keeping my fingers crossed for SOON.

IrishNYC said...

I'll be thinking all the "go into labor" vibes I can for you! I don't want you to have an induction any more than you want one. I wasn't a fan of them before I had one, and I'm certainly not a fan of them now.

Keri said...

SO excited for you! I'll also be sending "sooner rather than later" vibes.


sarah said...

I heard an actress say that because 38 weeks is when strech marks happen, lots of actresses have their babyies by c-section to avoid them! Yikes!
C'mon Ishka! We're ready when you are!