Monday, December 21, 2009

26w4d- all is well

Today's visit to the MW revealed:
BP is perfect, 120/70.
Ishkabibble's heart rate is in the 140's.
Fundal height is 27cm (no idea what it should be, but MW says that's good).
No protein in today's urine sample (protein is a sign of preeclampsia).
I've gained 30 pounds since I expressed OHSS concerns to the RE in July.

That last one has me a little worried, but the MW is not phased a bit and expects to see me gain about a pound per week from here on out (for a total of about 45 pounds- OUCH!). In her words, the weight "doesn't hurt the baby. It's just more work to do after the baby's born." I'll make a more concerted effort to stay away from cookies and sweets (you know those tinned holiday cookie samplers? I'm a sucker for those), and increase my fruit and veggie intake. Exercise has been pretty easy to include lately... last week was all about walking and my yoga DVD, but now that winter has arrived I plan to break out my dusty x-country skis and hit the trails around my neighborhood.

I asked the MW how I might tell which sensations are kicks and which might be punches. She directed me to the web site. The site is all about optimizing fetal position to facilitate an easier childbirth. It's a little disjointed and scattered, but interesting. And I like the idea of using gravity to guide Ishka into place rather than resorting to more aggressive means. Based on what I read, and some feedback from the MW, I believe Ishka is head-down and facing to my right. I feel fluttery sensations very low that are likely hand or head movements, and stronger slower sensations near my navel that should be feet.

Winter has indisputably arrived and left a beautiful, fluffy white calling card. I know a lot of people curse snow and ice and cold, but this is the time of year when I wholeheartedly enjoy the outdoors. Not that I shy away from being outside the rest of the year, but local parks and trails are so darned crowded in spring and autumn, and hot in summer, that I just don't enjoy them like I do in winter. I have the world nearly to myself, and the few people I encounter tend to be mellower and more congenial than the fair-weather outdoorsmen.

Along with the glittering landscape, the 18-inches of snow gifted us with 15 hours of snow-plowing yesterday. We've been a bit bah-humbuggish around our house this year because of the early lay-off and the expenses of first getting pregnant and now planning for Ishka's arrival. We didn't set up our tree because there'd be no presents to put under it. But with this wonderful storm, we can spare a little to splurge on some small something. The prospect of doing a little holiday shopping seems to have lightened C's mood, and I know I slept better last night knowing that the truck earned its keep this month.


mekate said...

Hi B!
So glad you are doing well, and love to read your updates.

I would love to get together in the new year-I remember you have a busy January but let's just schedule something and change it if we have to. I'll send a note.
and sending my best wishes to you,

IrishNYC said...

Hooray for an excellent check-up and for snow!

How did you glucose test go?

Merry Christmas to you, C, and Ishka!