Wednesday, December 24, 2008

is it 2009 yet?

Hello world. I've been excitedly reading all the cycle sista blogs for Nov/Dec and found quite a few BFPs this month. Congratulations to those wonderful ladies, and thank you all for sharing your journey with me. I admit that I'm kind of jealous, but it really does offer hope that this process can, and often does, succeed. I appreciate the insights you've all provided regarding the various drugs associated with IVF and how best to administer them. Back in July (it feels so long ago. Could it really be just 6 months?) when C and I first learned why we hadn't conceived on our own, I felt naive and alone. Sure, there are people in my life I could talk to about IF, but they haven't actually dealt with it first-hand. This blogging community has given me not only information but a sense of camaraderie and belonging that have eased my mind considerably.

So, am I next? My RE appointment is now only 15 days away. I discovered that, in the absence of sperm, my body really does revert to its pre-IUI 28-day cycle. This small detail makes me happy because it means that I'll be on CD15 for my appointment. I know there is essentially a whole cycle's worth of tests to be done before we move on to actual procedures, but having a shorter cycle and being closer to the start of the next one seem like they might move things along a little quicker. This new insurance of mine is expensive (cheaper than donor sperm, though!), so I don't want to drag things out longer than necessary. I didn't have the option of starting coverage on the day of my choice (I'd pick the date of my RE appointment, of course), only on the first of the month. I feel like I'm already wasting one-fourth of the first month's premium. But I won't dwell on that. 2009 will be the year I got pregnant. And, hopefully, it will also be the year of my first child's birth. It's going to be a very momentous year.

I almost forgot- Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah and Joyous Solstice! I'll wish y'all a special new year next week. Mustn't forget this week's holidays in anticipation of what I hope will be the biggest year of our lives.

Be well!

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