Friday, September 26, 2008

now I know what day it is

The MW called in the prescription last night, and my body has informed me of exactly what day it is, so we now begin the countdown to DI #3, the first medicated attempt. The good news is that C and I are taking a weekend trip to the western part of the state and I'll be able to enjoy some alcohol if the mood strikes. My favorite brewery is not exactly on the way to any of our scheduled destinations (niece's cross country meet, Mass MoCA, the Norman Rockwell museum), but it's near enough that we may end up there for an early dinner tomorrow. Since the last time I visited, I think Berkshire Brewing Company has added a brew-pub to their facilities. And they're right around the corner from the Yankee Candle ex-factory (the factory used to be there, but then the tourist-trap retail side of the business exploded and the factory moved a few miles down the road) so we may go sniff around a bit. I'd move back to the Happy Valley in a heartbeat if I could land a decent job there.

Well, maybe in a bit more then a heartbeat... I have a mortgage I'd have to pawn off on someone else first.

Anyhow- have a great weekend, world.

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