Wednesday, September 17, 2008

7DPI... no "signs"

But that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I refuse to be down about this process already. If the insem was successful, we wouldn't know for certain for another week or 10 days, so until then I will simply hope for the best.

If no such luck this time, we have some real thinking to do. Massachusetts does have a state mandate regarding health insurance covering infertility treatment. But, we learned the hard way that union-provided health insurance is exempt from the state mandate. Can you guess where we get our health insurance? Yup- through C's union. So, everything thus far has been paid out-of-pocket. We're not a wealthy pair, but as long as we're both working we can pay back the loan in a year or so. The trouble is that after two unsuccessful double-insems, and considering my age (40 1/2), it's time to seriously consider a little medical intervention. Do we shell out the bucks for more donor-sperm and a cycle of Cl0mid? Or do we wait until January and switch to the health insurance offered by my employer, which isn't exempt from the mandate? I think that even with some sort of infertility coverage, we still have to buy the sperm ourselves, and that, so far, is the most expensive piece of the puzzle. But if serious medical intervention becomes necessary to produce a pregnancy, it would be nice to have at least some of it covered.

On top of that, we'll need to rethink our donor choice. No reported pregnancies. Only unwashed samples are available, and the MW has now informed me that thawing AND washing them depletes the viable population, whicle washing before freezing has less impact. But it was tough finding a donor we liked who was available, so adding this new criteria will limit our choices even further. Why have we not gotten pregnant? Is it me, or is it the donor?

In any case, we're taking the TWW off from making decisions about donors and doctors. I need to go drink some pineapple juice and take my vitamins anyhow.

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