Saturday, November 20, 2010

a question

This is directed at women who breastfed. When did your period return after the birth of your baby? It's been 8 months here. She began sleeping through the night three months ago. I'm curious, and my internet research hasn't been helpful, offering a range between 10 weeks and 2+ years. I'm trying to plan 2011 (how quickly I lapse into pre-IF naivete), including weaning Charlotte and launching project sibling. I don't know if my period has to resume before I can start an IVF cycle or not, but it seems logical that it should. I think it's time to contact the RE to find out where my body needs to be before we can try again.


BB said...

I am pumping 30 oz approx right now and still don't have AF!

That girl said...

My period didn't come back until a full 6 weeks after I'd stopped breastfeeding completely. That was at 5 months.

My IVF doctor wanted me to have stopped breastfeeding because she said it could interfere with the cycle, causing it to be cancelled. But other clinics might be different.

Good luck with IVF project sibling. We are in the midst of IVF II at the moment.

Lisa said...

I'm 7 months in and still no return of AF. I can't say I miss it. It's part of the reason I want to keep pumping as much as I do. Hurray for project sibling 2011!