Sunday, November 14, 2010

on the move!

First, she learned to roll and pivot. Then, she learned to pivot and pull (she plays on a sheet on the floor, so when something is out of reach she can pull the sheet toward her until she can reach what she wants). On Friday, she put her butt-in-the-air sleeping pose to good use and learned to inchworm. Then, suddenly, on Saturday she started "army crawling." We can't take our eyes off her for one second now because she covers the width of the room in a millisecond (it seems) with all her combined skills.
I'd load a video, but Blogger seems to be having problems. Or maybe my connection is too slow. Anyhow, we're amazed. And C was unspeakably excited that she debuted her army crawl on his watch, while I was in the shower.

She still desperately wants to walk, and refuses to put anything but her feet on the floor if someone's nearby to provide balance. Once on the floor, she's always on the look-out for something or someone to climb but hasn't made it past her knees on her own.

Just in time for all this, the hardwood floor installation begins tomorrow.

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