Friday, October 23, 2009

No matter what, Ishka is loved

I finally got to tell C what was going on when I got home last night. The bottom line, on which we both strongly agreed, is that we love this little one growing inside me, and if Ishkabibble turns out to have DS, then we'll just deal with that. At no point would either of us consider terminating this pregnancy. That was absolutely never an option.
We've both known individuals with DS. I've worked with the Special Olympics, and one of C's distant cousins has a child with DS. All I want is for our child to be able to enjoy life.

That said, from my reading yesterday I learned that there are a number of health issues faced by people living with Downs. I don't want an amnio just to test for DS. If our baby has it, so be it. We love Ishka no less, and the knowledge would not affect how we feel about this child. So, from the perspective of knowing just for the sake of knowing, I'll wait until we meet Ishkabibble face-to-face. That's how I feel about learning the baby's gender, too. BUT- because there may be health issues that could potentially complicate how Ishka enters the world, I want to do all I can to find out if she will need immediate intervention or a specialist standing by at his birth. I don't want to enter labor blindly or naively thinking that everything is perfect. I'd like to anticipate whatever complications we can, based on whatever testing the MFM recommends for HEALTH reasons, not for the sake of simply knowing.

I haven't received a call back from the midwife yet with the date & time of my level 2 u/s and appointment with an MFM. Until we have the information and guidance that I hope to glean from those, we're in no position to make any decisions regarding amnio or anything else. For now, I am just happy that Ishka's heartbeat sounded strong and healthy this morning on the doppler, and I'm looking forward to feeling movement from the baby on a regular basis. I am thrilled to be pregnant and can't wait to see C in the role of father. Truly, nothing has changed. And we still have the 15/16 chance that Ishka is perfectly "normal."

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IrishNYC said...

Odds truly are nothing is wrong with Ishka. You're doing the best you can for you to be prepared to give Ishka the best life s/he can have, no matter what.