Wednesday, October 21, 2009

17w6d- it's true what they say

The second trimester really is better than the first, although the vast improvement didn't kick in as soon as I hit 14 weeks. First to go was the nauseous, hungover feeling, but I still had no real interest in food (and was happy to no longer need to eat every 2-3 hours) and wanted to sleep all the time. For maybe two weeks now, I've been feeling more energetic and generally myself. The yoga DVD has gathered a little dust, but will see the light of day again tomorrow. And hopefully many more tomorrows after that. I do feel much better when I've done a little stretching and easy exercise.

I had another visit with the midwife on Monday, at 17w4d. Ishkabibble is doing great, with a heartrate of 142. I think I felt the first bit of movement on Monday night, and again last night, but it never happens when I'm focused on sensing movement so I'm not entirely certain that that's what I felt. What I did feel might be compared to a surfacing air bubble, kind of a rising to the surface sensation that doesn't end with a "pop," but simply ends.

I've gained 8 pounds since my first appointment with the midwife (my scale at home is horribly inaccurate, so any pre-pregnancy measurements are highly suspect), and my blood pressure is fantastic at 118/64. I should hear back from the nurse today about the schedule for our Level 2 u/s. I can't wait to see the baby again. It feels like it's been an eternity since the NT scan.

I'm beginning to look pregnant, and not just heavy, so I've begun telling people at work (I know, I already told a few, but those were just in my building... now it's becoming common knowledge), starting with the ones I most consider friends here. I suspect in just a few more weeks, I won't need to tell anyone anything. It'll be obvious.

All-in all, at nearly 18 weeks, I am feeling great and incredibly happy. C got laid off a couple of weeks ago, so I began looking for a part-time job. I'm worried about being able to afford to take more than my accumulated vacation time off from work when Ishka arrives. And even when I return to work, how in the world will we pay for child care? These things will sort themselves out, I'm sure, but I worry.


BB said...

Everyday seems so slow... yet overall time flies so quick! It's amazing! Sorry about your husbands layoff... hopefully things will sort out soon for you guys! Good Luck

Melissa said...

I started feeling the baby too at 18 weeks. Especially after I ate something sweet or drank some juice. You'll be surprised how fast it becomes a normal occurrence. Congrats!

IrishNYC said...

Even your writing sounds wonderfully happy! I'm glad you're feeling better. Sorry about C being laid off. At least snow plowing season is almost upon us, or already upon us in some cases.