Saturday, July 28, 2012

at five months

If I wait for the time to write a lengthy post, I'll be writing this when both girls are in college.  Instead, here are some highlights from Maggie's 5th month-
* She rolls over confidently and purposefully now, mostly from back to front, and is comfortable staying on her belly for extended periods of time.
* Preferred sleeping positions are on her side or on her tummy.  She only stays on her back when she's too tired to move after being placed in her crib.
* She has a sippy cup and LOVES drinking water from it.
* She's beginning to settle into a rhythm of 2 daily naps and sleeping overnight most nights from 7:30 until 5:30.  She sleeps through the night 3 or 4 nights in a row, then needs a "midnight" snack once or twice before returning to STTN-mode.
*  She enjoys rice cereal immensely- takes her fingers (two of  which are almost constantly in her mouth) out of her mouth to allow the spoon in and gums the heck out of the spoon to make sure she doesn't miss a drop.  The fingers go right back in as soon as the spoon exits so she ends up with cereal-covered fingers... all the better for sucking on later?
* She wears 9-month sleep-n-plays, and size 6-months in everything else.  Size 3 diapers fit perfectly.
* She eats 5 times a day, plus her cereal snack.
* She almost never protests bedtime.  And I mean very nearly never.  I don't even remember the last time she cried when I put her to bed.  She usually smiles at me when I sign "sleep" after laying her in her crib.
* When she wakes up, Maggie usually plays quietly with her feet or a bed-toy until someone notices that she's moving around.  She plays so quietly that the monitor stays off (it only turns on when she makes noise).
* She's still fascinated with anything Charlotte does- just can't take her eyes off her when she's in the same room.  Maggie will not nurse if Charlotte is around.
* Meals by bottle are up to 6-7 ounces at a time now.  My parents babysit when I work once a week, so that's when she gets a bottle.  I don't bother trying to give her a bottle myself any more.
* As long as she can see what we're doing, Maggie doesn't need or want to be held all the time.  She loves hanging out in the doorway jumper or exersaucer.  She tolerates the pack-n-play as long as Charlotte and I are playing on the floor beside it, but as soon as we wander out of her sight, she wants out.
* I can't tell you the last time Maggie cried.  It may have been when she got her 4-month shots at the pediatrician's office (a couple of weeks late because the power was out at her 4-mo appointment).
* Maggie is so curious about what's going on around her that she will not nurse in public.  If we're out and about, I have to take her to the car to get her to focus on eating.
* The dark hair she was born with has turned to a very light brown, almost blonde.  It still sticks up on the top of her head, but gravity is starting to tame it as it gets longer.
* Maggie loves splashing in the bath.  And sucking on her toes or a wet washcloth, whichever I let her grab.

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Lisa said...

Maggie sounds like the easiest baby ever! How did you luck out twice? The picture of the two of them is adorable. Happy 5 months!