Thursday, June 21, 2012


Four months- holy cannoli!  I remember clearly that Charlotte started rolling over three days before her 4-month mark.  We were at a baby sign language workshop when she did it for the first time, back to front, and got her arm out from under her.  Maggie's not even close.  She falls to her side when grabbing her feet, but no further.  Her toes have definitely entered her mouth by now, though.  I don't recall exactly when Charlotte pulled that off, but I know she worked on it for an awfully long time.  Maggie gets both big toes between her gums with ease.

The "talking" continues, still primarily when Maggie is lying on her back.  She's settling into a 1-short and 2-long naps per day routine, with the short one usually right after her first feeding of the day.  She's eating more at a sitting (6 oz by bottle) and going longer between meals now, sometimes spacing her meals out by 5 or more hours.  I'm not comfortable with anything more than 4 hours apart during the day, but she flat-out refuses to nurse when she's not truly hungry.

I'm beginning to "ignore" her at night when she wakes, and she's consistently calming herself back to sleep without crying.  This just started in earnest three nights ago, but I have not had to go to her.  I still wake up, but soon I hope to sleep through her lighter stirrings then eventually sleep through the night myself.  Most times, she's put into her crib awake-but-sleepy.  She sometimes protests for a few minutes (again, not crying... just complaining), but is generally asleep within 10 minutes.  We're blessed, again, with an easy sleeper.

4-month ped appointment- We lucked out.  The power was out, so no shots.  The doctor didn't want to open the refrigerator. We'll go back to catch up on the shots as soon as this heat wave breaks.  We're miserable enough when it's 90-degrees inside the house without adding shot-recovery to the day.  Maggie weighs 15 pounds 1.5 ounces and is a smidge under 25-inches tall.  Those plus her head circumference are all 70-75th percentile.  She smiled and babbled during the entire appointment, leading the doc to comment on how different Charlotte's and Maggie's dispositions are.  I had to correct him- they're both sweet, mellow girls.  Charlotte just doesn't like strange men measuring her head or sticking lights in her ears.

Here are a couple of pictures.  Charlotte loves to climb and jump and run, so here she is summiting her playground.  It's hard to believe just a year ago, when we put it together, she didn't know what to do with it and needed help getting up the easy ladder stairs.  And here's Maggie, with her bee-bear, posing for her 4-month photo.

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Lisa said...

Congrats to you for another good little sleeper! Your girls are simply adorable, you are blessed!