Thursday, February 5, 2015

still flying

New year, same life.  The girls are getting older- Maggie will be 3 next week, and Charlotte will turn five a month after that.  Our house is full of their songs and stories, laughter and occasional sibling spats.  And toys.  Holy mackerel, those toys!  We've decided that when both girls are in full-day school (when Maggie enters first grade), we'll move their beds into one room and convert the other into a play room.  It's three years away, but I'm looking forward to reclaiming the living room... and all the other rooms on the ground floor of the house, as hallways and door frames can't stop the toys from taking over.

The girls are everything pink and girly and princess-y.  And they love to run and play and get dirty and build things.  I am amazed on a daily basis.  I try to say "Be careful," only when absolutely necessary.  For every "You're beautiful," I try to offer at least one "I love watching you create things."  I am not a perfect mom- I yell and get frustrated.  But we're managing and I believe I have not screwed up the natural amazing-ness of my daughters.  So far, so good.  And just tonight, Charlotte called to me from her bed just so she could tell me, in a bit of sleep-talking, that she loves me.  My heart is full.

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