Sunday, February 17, 2013

A year already

I'm not sure how it happened so quickly, but Maggie had her first birthday this week.  To celebrate, she started walking.  She's been cruising and taking as many as 12 steps at a time for several weeks now, but the day before her birthday, she started toddling around without looking for her next handhold.  It was as if a switch had been flipped.  No more crawling here.  We had to break out Charlotte's smallest snow boots, which are a size-and-a-half too big, so we could all play in the snow.

Being our second child, poor Maggie lost out on a big celebration.  I had to work on her birthday, which fell on a Thursday.  We hung a banner and sang "Happy Birthday" to her about a dozen times throughout the day, but there was no big party with a guest list to rival our wedding.  I plan to make her a cake on Monday (we have a baby shower to attend tomorrow)- apple-banana-cherry, per Charlotte's request.  C and I haven't settled on a perfect gift for her, so we haven't even given Maggie a birthday present.  I feel awful about all that, but she's happy and doesn't need anything.  I want to make her a tutu, like I did for Charlotte, and may still do that.

Speaking of tutus...  Charlotte does a series of "dance moves" every time she goes to bed.  Maggie has seen this a few times when Charlotte goes down for a nap before Maggie does.  Maggie has started doing arabesques when Charlotte does now, and she often taps her toe on the floor while saying, "tap, tap, tap."  It's adorable.  I'll try to catch a photo of the two of them in their tutus, dancing, when I make one for Maggie.

Maggie is still our easy baby- eats anything we put in front of her, sleeps when we put her in her bed, almost never cries, and is wonderfully healthy.  She'll have her 12-month ped visit at the end of March, on the same day as Charlotte's 3-year.  She has three teeth now, with the first having surfaced on 1/21, so both girls will also go to the dentist at the end of March too.

I have been having some issues with sleep, which is why I am still awake at 3:30am.  I seem to function fine on almost no sleep, but then I fall asleep at the drop of a hat all day long.  Then I fall asleep on the couch after the girls go to bed, when I enjoy my only alone time of the day, and have to clean the house when I wake up or else the messes will linger until the next night.  It's a vicious cycle that I manage to break out of a few nights a week, but I haven't been consistent since Maggie was born.  My back aches when I sleep on my back.  My shoulders and hips ache, and my hand falls asleep, when I sleep on my side.  Sleep just isn't the bliss it used to be and I don't sleep for more than three hours at a stretch.  I'm hoping the efforts of my new chiropractor will have an effect on my sleep.  We'll see.  I think my next post might be more about life with two kids and less focused on what my darlings are up to.  Now, I'm going to grab some shut-eye before the girls wake up.

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Kate said...

Happy happy birthday to Maggie,
you-- My body did not feel even remotely familiar structurally until a few months ago. Finally let go of some pain everywhere, now just my hip. So maybe you are still in the thick of the post-Maggie structural flux. Everything hurt from my pelvis to my neck to my knees so maybe maybe.... I wish you fabulous sleep sweet B. And yes, please, let's try to figure out how to get together. When I get together with Della and anyone, the best I have to offer is about 20% of my attention, but I promise that 20% is well intentioned. xoxoxoo kate