Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Please help

The family at reproducing genius can use some help right now.  Their priceless little boy, who will turn 3 very soon, was just diagnosed with an extremely rare leukemia.  In addition to chemo, he needs a bone marrow transplant, and for that, a donor.  If you can spare a few dollars, donations can be made via paypal from a link on their blog.  If you want to show your support with a t-shirt, they can be purchased from the talented folks at chronicles of conception.  All the profits will go directly to Caemon's family.

Also, you can register as a potential bone marrow donor on be the match.

And finally, you can pray, wish, send healing thoughts, or simply hope that this little boy will be cured.  Every little bit helps.  We all know how precious a life is.

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