Monday, April 9, 2012

I must be dreaming

Maggie has slept through the night each of the last three nights. By "through the night," I mean that I put her to bed in the late evening, between 8 and 9 pm, and she SLEPT until nearly 6 am. ALL night. A few little stirrings from her during the night, but no full-fledged waking. I believe I've witnessed a miracle, folks!

For the record, this new development began at 7 weeks and 3 days of age. I suspect she weighs a bit over 12 pounds now, so maybe there's some truth to the rumors I heard that 12 pounds is some kind of milestone weight as far as sleeping is concerned. Yay! Her 2-month ped visit is later this week, so I'll soon know what size she really is.

Here are my girls, playing nicely together. Any toy of Maggie's is Charlotte's too-

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mekate said...

Since Della is still not sleeping through the night, I can only imagine the sleep magic out there will blessedly bestow itself on us maybe at 36 lbs?
I also know having me so close is too much of a temptation for night nursing still. I imagine all of these things will transition together, and i can only hope it will be peaceful and gradual so none of us freak out. I;m just sayin.

LOVE the photo of your little ones playing together.
do you need bottles for the pump? We have extra and I can send them along.