Friday, January 27, 2012

still pregnant

Less than two weeks from the due date now. Yippee! I'm hoping this girl decides to be a little early. I'm learning that I got off remarkably easy with my frist pregnancy, as sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome have settled in. I sleep with wrist braces on, but my fingers still manage to go numb, and it feels like there's a dagger beside my tailbone. But we're SOOOO close now. Maggie moves a lot. The weekly NSTs have been textbook, and I'm measuring perfectly on-target (no weight gain in the last 3 weeks- the promised plateau after rapid gain early-on). I had BH contractions last night for about 90 minutes, 7 minutes apart, and caught myself wishing they were the real thing. But the nursery still isn't painted (Charlotte helped picked a color- Sherwin Williams "Breathtaking"), so we're not really ready.

I'll post some about Charlotte at 22 months soon. She's developing more personality every day, and has begun quite an independent streak.

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