Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm feeling pretty glum. Shelled out >$3k for the stims. The house needs a new roof. Fuel prices have completely eradicated our business profits. And remember that interview I had at the beginning of March- the one with the company that laid me off? Well, I didn't get the job (old news- I've known that for over a month), but BOTH of the other interviewees did. They said there was just one opening, but somehow, they're both emailing from a work email address now. Three people interviewed for one job, and I'm the only one still unemployed.

Yes, I tend to focus on the silver lining in every scenario. I treasure the time I have with Charlotte. And in an ideal world, I'd stay home with her voluntarily. But we really can't afford this right now. And I am terrified that something may happen to C. If he's out of work for any reason, we're sunk... completely. I'm approaching the 6-month mark. Interviews on NPR with employers repeated over and over that when someone becomes "long-term unemployed," they're even less likely to find a job or be seen as desirable by a potential employer. "Long-term" begins at 6 months.

I've said before that I should start buying lottery tickets. I was joking then. I think I may actually buy some now.


BB said...

Aaw... I know the feeling. Hope you feel better - try to stay positive with the new cycle coming up.

We will be in Boston @ May 20-22. Would love to meet you. Keep me posted about your cycle and your plans and we will see if we can meet up.

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear things are so uncertain. I have actually been feeling the economic pain as well. Despite both working full-time, we're totally in the red here. With my student loans, daycare, and a steep mortgage payment, we're just totally broke. We're actually considering selling our house and renting for a while. It feels so depressing to be taking backwards steps at this point. It feels like we should be moving up the ladder, not down. Hopefully we'll both win the lottery! (I need to start buying tickets, too.)

Just remind yourself that no matter what, you have Charlotte and your DH. What more do you really need? :)