Wednesday, February 16, 2011

one day down; a lifetime to go

We made it. I have not nursed my daughter since Tuesday's breakfast. I did have to pump this evening. I was uncomfortably full, but managed to control myself and pumped only enough to be comfortable again... about 3 ounces. Charlotte didn't appear to notice anything unusual- wasn't any more clingy or fussy than normal. She is coming down with a cold though, generously shared by a toddler who coughed and sneezed all through yesterday's music class. I think this is the first cold since leaving daycare nearly 2 months ago, so I'm not complaining... yet. As long as it's just a somewhat stuffy nose that allows Charlotte to eat, breathe, and sleep normally, a cold isn't so bad. I just hope she's healthy enough to enjoy waterbabies on Saturday. My girl LOVES the water. And I hope this cold doesn't sidetrack our weaning efforts.

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Lisa said...

I can't believe what a big girl C is becoming! Talking already? She's obviously gifted. :)

Bravo on the breastfeeding and weaning. My supply kept dropping so significantly that weaning was super easy for me. Once you start pumping less, I have a feeling it won't take long to stop. Just by missing pumping sessions here and there, my supply crashed. And since I've stopped I haven't had a single issue.

I wish I had half as much of a clue about feeding as you do. Noah still primarily drinks bottles, and is super fussy when it comes to solids. I feel like he's never going to transition away from formula. If only all babies were as easy as Charlotte. She's beautiful!