Saturday, September 18, 2010


If I hadn't written that last post, I wonder if today would be any different than it's been. The sleeping-thought-the-night streak was broken on Thursday when she only made it to 11:50pm without a snack, then woke Friday morning with a full-blown cold. We should have taught her to blow her nose instead of raspberries (but she's really good at blowing raspberries!). Between the runny nose and the teething (nothing visible yet, but she gnaws on everything), her face is a goopy wet mess. We're attacking the discomfort on all fronts with a humidifier, baby tylenol, and teething tablets. I hope this passes soon.


Dreams and False Alarms said...

I think you still get to count it! Sick trumps lots of behaviors! she'll get back on track once this is over.

Lisa said...

I hope Charlotte is feeling better soon!