Thursday, July 22, 2010

4 months!!

I won't even say it... FOUR MONTHS! Wow.

I've been a mom for one third of a year already, and I've loved every minute of it, except the ones I spend at work, away from my baby. My winning lottery ticket hasn't magically appeared in my pocket yet, so I'm working 2 1/2 days each week, and fleshing out the rest of my paycheck by working from home and exhausting my vacation time. I think I've worked it just right so that when my niece/#1 babysitter goes back to college, my vacation time will run out and I'll be forced to make some big changes. No, that wasn' completely intentional. I don't want to go back to working full time, and I'm not sure we can afford to reduce my hours (and paycheck), but I'm in denial and will worry about that another day.

Because today, Charlotte is FOUR MONTHS OLD!


BB said...

Happy 4! :)

Lisa said...

Happy four months, Charlotte! Since you didn't say it, I'll say it for you. Time is flying! Holy cow, the first year must go so fast. It's hard to believe that just months ago we were pregnant. Now these babies are our entire lives. I love every minute of it, as I know you do too! :)

I go back to work full time in two weeks. I am just dreading it. There's no way he's going to be getting the same attention and nurturing as he does with me and my husband around 24/7, and it kills me to think about that. I know I'm going to feel guilty, but coming home to him will be so rewarding every day. I hope that magic lottery ticket finds its way to both of us!! (Heavy sigh.)

IrishNYC said...

Happy 4 months!